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The Lowell Brothers Today

Jamie and Joe Lowell, 6th generation Maine boat builders
descendants of William Frost, designer of the proto-typical Jonesport lobster boat

Jamie H. Lowell
Joseph E. Lowell

Jamie and Joe Lowell are sixth-generation boatbuilders, from the family noted for originating the Maine lobster boat style, and one of the most prolific boat-designing families in New England.

Jamie and Joe are two of the few remaining boatbuilders who still know how to build a boat from the drawing board, to lofting, to building the hull, to the fine woodworking, to launch.

They grew up building boats with their father Carroll Lowell and their uncles Royal and Daniel Lowell, at Even Keel Marine in Yarmouth, Maine.

They have been guest speakers at the National Folk Festival, as well as the Yarmouth Arts Council, Yarmouth Historical Society, Maine Maritime Museum, and boatbuilders' gams hosted by the Penobscot Marine Museum.

They have had boats featured in many publications:

  • Power & Motoryacht
  • Yachting
  • Wooden Boat
  • PassageMaker
  • Professional Boatbuilder
  • Maine Coastal News
  • National Fisherman
  • Commercial Fisheries News
  • Fisherman's Voice
  • Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors
  • Memories of Maine
  • Portland Press Herald
  • Brunswick Times Record
  • The Forecaster
  • Book "Portland: Spirit of the Eastern Seaboard."

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